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If you find yourself wondering, "Does ____ have a legacy iOS app?" You've come to the right place.

Apple is now allowing the latest compatible version for your iOS device to be downloaded. This wiki will serve as a guide to apps that will work with your specific device.  The following device and iOS combination works with the listed apps, below.

This isn't a comprehensive list... yet.  With your old device, and your curiosity, you can download apps that are listed here that haven't been tested and let us know your result!  And if you find an app that works that isn't listed, and you think it's worth mentioning, add it!

As of September 18, 2013, Apple started allowing developers to control whether or not their previous versions are available (citation ).  We may see the number of old apps diminish, but hopefully useful apps will be left alone!

Compatible Apps & DevicesEdit

iPod Touch 2G
Type App w/ AppStore link  3.1.3 4.0 4.1 4.2.1
AroundMe Yes
Game Astronut Yes
Atomic Web Browser Lite Yes
Bible Yes
Bible Study With Accordance Yes
Health Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal Yes
Files Dropbox Yes
Foodspotting Yes
Game Fruit Ninja Yes
Google Earth Yes
iBooks Yes
Instagram Instake Yes
Game Jetpack Joyride Yes
Files Jolicloud (Jolidrive) Broken API?
Kindle Yes
Dictionary KTdict C-E Yes
Video Netflix Broken API?
New York Times Yes
Music Rdio Yes
Music Shazam Yes w/ mic attachment
SimplyNoise Yes
Weather Swackett Yes
Video TED Yes
Game Tiny Tower Yes
Twitter Yes

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